The Sunday University


The Sunday University at First Presbyterian

Advanced Adult Studies in the Word of God

In the Library


five-things-God-uses-to-GrowFive Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith”

Sunday School Class ~Andy Stanley

Imagine how different your outlook on

life would be if you had absolute confi-

dence that God was with you.  Imagine

how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even

good things id you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and planning

to leverage it for good.In this DVD study led by Dave Shrom and Rob Guissanie,

Andy Stanley builds a Biblical case for the five things Gods uses to grow BIG faith


In the Chapel

heaven_wellbeingcomau1“Heaven” Sunday School Class

A Biblical Look at Heaven:  Jim

King will be teaching a six week

class that will take a look at what

the Bible has to say about Heaven.

Our Children’s Cantata did a won-

derful job and reminded us that

most of what we think we know about

Heaven are caricatures  that are drawn

from myths and legends, not from

Scripture.  Other recourses for the class

will be Heaven by Randy Alcorn and

the writings of CS Lewis.




In the Parlor

The Wired Word will attempt to view and discuss current events through the lens of scripture and our faith.
Material will distributed weekly for reading prior to class to allow for informed discussion.

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Led by Bob Kribbs


At the Lewisburg Hotel

lbg hotelGather together with other men Sunday Mornings at the Lewisburg Hotel to discuss a variety of topics ranging from current events to personal growth.  Mornings are structured to facilitate conversation centered around issues relevant to a Christian Man’s journey of discipleship.  Come share your journey with other men and discover new ways to connect with fellow brothers in Christ.