Life Groups


Adult Fellowship Groups

There are many Adult Fellowship Groups(Life groups) which meet regularly in member homes throughout the week at various times. Groups pick their own topics for Bible study. These groups are a great way to develop friendships and deeper relationships that just can’t happen on a Sunday morning. Fellowship groups are encouraged to put their faith into action through all kinds of service opportunities.

Fellowship Groups

Leader Name Meeting Day/Time Location

Jim and Ginny Michael Sunday/7pm Michael’s Home Lewisburg

Dave and Libby Robinson Sunday/7pm Robinson’s Home Lewisburg

Bruce and Alison VanPatter Monday/7:30 VanPatter’s Home Lewisburg

Bob and Sharon Kribbs Every other Sunday/7pm Kribbs’ Home Lewisburg

Troxells and Rolls Sunday/7pm Troxell’s orRoll’s Northumberland

Seth and Judith Ziegler Every other Sunday/7pm Ziegler’s Home Lewiburg

Howard and Beverly Stoelting Sunday/7pm Stoelting’s Home Milton

Trainers For Moms Monday/9:15 Church Parlor

International Women Friday Church

Men’s Bible Study Wednesday/6am Good Will’s Restaurant Montandon